Wild back better

Oct 09, 2020

We already have a blog post on Wilding by Isabella Tree and this has now been followed by Paul Jepson's Rewilding. Both are inspirational polemics describing how nature can regenerate if we take our hands off her neck.

Wilding back better (WBB) need not mean fewer jobs than BBB. The case is based on the fact that if nature does not recover be will join the list of threatened if not actually extinct species. Jobs in 'wilding' are more 'valid' in the terms expressed by the Chancellor as justifying his support as this process will be sustainable for the foreseeable future (the job of repair is substantial) whereas the 'building' of roads, airports, bridges and houses is or should be strictly limited by carbon budgets.

Part of the emergency declarations made by countries, organisations and families (that's us) includes the adoption of a natural asset and to support it through the transition. Wild Back Better should be the appropriate tag line for biodiversity gain just as Get Climate Done is for negotiating the trip to net zero.

So it would be great to see those with the best slogans recruit from those who are cursing the way governments are looking to return the world to a 'normal' from which citizens/subjects have just escaped.