Family Emergency Declarations are being made in response to the urgent need for action to reduce carbon emissions and to regenerate ecological systems. Such declarations are acted on as well as and not instead of other ways of achieving climate justice.

Please use this site to enable your extended family to cohere around the just transition to a low carbon (global) economy.

There is no time to waste https://newclimate.org/2019/11...


Emergency Assembly December 2023

Feb 11, 2024

Nearly a third of the way through our 10 year transition to zero progress seems to be slow; not just in reductions but in mindset? Some improvements in living conditions but air travel is a sticking point. We saw on politics as a key issue

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Family Climate Emergency July 2023

Jul 02, 2023

Ten family members from UK and US attended the online assembly and covered the subjects of housing, diet, travel and investments. The emissions from population growth was discussed as were the challanges of flying and investments.

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Family Climate Emergency Assembly 1 January 2023

Jan 01, 2023

8 members of the extended family assembled to record progresss towards the agreed goal of zero carbon by 2030. Individual progress has been patchy. There have been notable developments in advocacy, campaigning and the workplace. and the

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