How to

A programme of action for a family to take part.


Identify the extended family and establish an e-mail list. This should include all those prepared to make the declaration (IMPORTANTLY the initial declaration can involve a minimum number of just two family members) but also those family members who do not positively dissent (providing the option for joining at a later date). This is a presentation of how the concept works: Click here

Try not to be put off by scepticism or lack of initial buy in. It is an emergency but it can take a while for family members to adjust to this form of collaboration. In fact the internet connections that have flourished during the Covid pandemic and social distancing could be a blessing in disguise as international family members can join in

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Choose a carbon footprinting program (for consistency, we recommend - see Tools). A read of 'How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint Of Everything' - Expanded and Updated edition published September 3 2020 by Mike Berners Lee will help on a day to day basis.


Hold [a] family assembly(ies) to familiarise members with the issues and with each other. This is also an opportunity to distribute particular roles; conveners of specialist groups, collection and organisation of data (i.e. a family spreadsheet - see Tools). And for a discussion of how it might work for your family: Click here


Making and signing of the “FAMILY DECLARATION" by all those prepared to contribute to the transition. This includes publicly displaying the declaration within the household, office etc.


The ‘family’ could be extended through individual or collective ‘adoption’ of landscapes (eg national park, community garden, estuary) or endangered species (eg species of bee) and taking action to help protect and enhance this chosen ecological relative over the next decade.


Design and distribution of a “badge" to be used/displayed by the household.


Prepare individual/household action plans consistent with the ‘family declaration’. These can be assisted at the outset and in the future by advice and models in Chris Goodall's latest book What we need to do now 2020 Profile Books (up to date analysis at https://www.carboncommentary.c...) and also at


Take and share the first steps towards fulfilling the declaration in respect both the climate and nature. Report on campaigning initiatives. Continually monitor progress in respect of positive actions and aim to hold assemblies in not greater than 6 month intervals.


Seek and provide emotional support and encouragement from within (and without?) the family in response to changes being made and increased awareness of the emergency and consequent behavioural change.


Spread the word about climate (in)justice. The power of family declarations will only be realised if other families join in. Distant relatives would be more central to other families within which the declaration could or should be shared (including workplaces, clubs and societies, friends and distant relations).