The presentation

Jun 25, 2020

Invited by Abingdon Carbon Cutters to demystify the concept of family emergency declaration, a power point was used to tell the story and the thinking behind the idea and why it fits with the concept as described on the web site. The presentation can be seen here This was followed by a discussion involving members of the extended family in London, Cambridge, Montreal, and Delaware. watch here

As you would see, the family who have assembled and made the emergency declaration are not short of enthusiasm for the concept, and those who are being introduced to the idea are not short of concerns and trepidation.

This is a classic case of a 'no regrets' action. If it works (with just two) that is better than none and, hopefully, there are few years to go before this becomes and exercise in futility. If it fails completely then no harm would have been done and no regrets. The worst that could happen is the alienation of family members who are probably so far away in terms of values and outlook that an unbridgeable social distance would not have been made any greater.