The first family assembly?

Dec 27, 2019

12 members of the extended Family duly assembled and spent an hour scrutinizing the agenda (see https://familyclimateemergency...).

We ranged from about 20 to nearly 70 in age and covered three continents. The challenge to reduce our

environmental impact to just one planet (shrinking as resources are depleted) was underlined as

well as the justice in us (the middle classes of developed countries) taking early and effective measures.

We agreed to become agents and influencers of the transition to a low/zero carbon economy and not

just bystanders, with the onus on those (the more elderly) with money, power and influence.

We agreed to use to measure our current position and monitor progress.

The outcome seemed to be a general willingness to make the Declaration ( https://familyclimateemergency...

but to delay this until it had been created in a form that could be printed off, signed and mounted so

as to be on display in our houses/flats as a permanent reminder of intent, and sign to visitors

(possibly explain what might be regarded as eccentric behaviour?). Work is also being carried out on the logo.

Hopefully we will all be spreading the word through so that other families can follow suit.

A family climate emergency Whatsapp group has been set up. This will be used for sharing questions and information (see Point 1 of the

Declaration), actions in accordance with 2 & 3, and messages of support (see Point 4).