One Planet Living

Oct 23, 2020

One Planet is highly recommended for its philosophy and recommendations. "We make it easy for you to create and deliver joined-up plans and strategies based on a 'systems thinking' approach. Plans made with OnePlanet can be ‘internally’ joined up by linking Outcomes, Actions and Indicators in one Plan, but can also be joined up across departments or organisations. In this way, you can work in a coordinated way across departments, with your colleagues, customers, supply chain and other stakeholders; and be relevant, for individual staff, up to senior leadership. The OnePlanet platform helps you to see the relationships and interconnections necessary to deliver the most effective Outcomes and Actions that our planet needs."

It should go without saying that 'families' are just one more organisation that could benefit from this systems approach to instigating and managing change. There is just 'one planet' but family connections (and mutual obligations to each other and the biosphere) extend across this precious globe. In this model the family emergency declarations and pledges are complementary to and could be supported by the One Planet objectives.