It's also Africa

Dec 03, 2020

The news today reported on the hundreds of unaccompanied children being traumatised by seeing people close to them die and being thrown from boats on which they were making the perilous journey from Africa to Europe (ie the Canary Islands), and the Director General of the United Nations losing patience with high emitting member countries and the inadequate progress in reducing these to safe levels, and Australia (with a climate denial leader) experiencing its hottest recorded temperatures. This has become a normal day in an abnormal world where the corresponding action by individuals and societies could be found in the dictionary under definitions of inadequate, pathetic, cruel, disparity and disproportionate.

The African children are important to this web site as the living conditions at home had become so intolerable that parents saw putting their children into the hands of traffickers as proportionate and appropriate and kind?

Members of families that are intact and could work together with only slight inconveniences towards becoming net improvers of the climate and the biosphere, might reflect on the families that are already (ie 1 degree C of warming) being torn apart by the environmental damage being caused to their homes.