Get Climate Done

Feb 23, 2020

It is uncertain that COP26 will actually put the world on the path to limiting global heating to no more than 1.5 degrees C but it should be seen as the next best opportunity for world leaders to formulate pledges that aim significantly lower than the current collective target amounting to over 3 degrees (that are not being met by action). The 2019 general election in the UK demonstrated the power of sloganeering with "Get Brexit Done" appearing to triumph over the attempts by the other parties to debate the issues.

There may be any number of ways to sum up the need for urgent action; "Now or Never","Enough is Enough", "No Planet B" etc. However, if there is any truth in the claim that the the UK will have some special influence over the outcome by hosting the COP in Glasgow (in partnership with Italy), then endlessly repeating "Get Climate Done" within the hearing of the PM, his special adviser and, perhaps, Alok Sharma MP might have more effect than spelling out the detail of how global heating will harm the planet.

While we should all be doing our carbon footprint, creating a plan to get to zero in ten years, and adopting some part of the earth's ecosystem to care for, we could also be adding "Get Climate Done" to conversations, correspondence and presentations so that it ringing in the nation's ears by November. Incidentally, "Fare il Clima" is the equivalent in Italian and "It's all faked up" in American.