Family connections

Jan 11, 2020

We find ourselves accidental members of families, countries, genders and eras. Those sharing the planet at a time becoming defined as in climate and ecological stress if not terminal crisis should all be adjusting to the fact that whatever dependency they may have inherited or developed on fossil fuels and land capture/industrial agriculture will have to change. Individually this would prove to be difficult and futile. Our economies and societies will have to change and we will need to be part of collective action to negotiate the transition and shape out zero carbon future. Families connect generations and countries across the globe and there will be no escape or exemptions from the necessary change to values and behaviours. So now is the time to look at address books (real and digital) and look to see who might be persuaded to take an active part in influencing the transition as family members?

The Johnsons (Boris as PM, Stanley as XR supporter, Leo as environmental consultant, Rachel and Joe as public figures/intellectuals) should be seen at the front of this process and not waiting to be dragged along. The Windsors, with their resources and land could move to restore status of the monarchy by giving it a purpose in leading the transition. The Dimbleby's are well placed as opinion-formers as are the Attenborough clan. Families living in Albert Square, Coronation Street or Ambridge should be developing carbon/climate literacy, holding assemblies and making declarations.

The 'emergency declaration' includes lobbying and campaigning, but networking might be equally if not more effective if this persuades some of the 'great and the good' that we are all in this mess together, and family reputations would firstly be preserved and then possibly enhanced were this to be acknowledged and seen to be acted on.