Family assembly August 2021

Aug 01, 2021

The family has been averaging about 3 Planets (between 1.5 and 5.3) and, subject to Covid related reductions to car and air travel, have not noticeably shrunk. The main 'difference' resulting from the family declaration would seem to be the level of awareness of our actions and a determination to take effective actions in respect of home, travel and food.

There are vegetarians and most if not all are moving away from meat consumption. There have been fewer flights and plans to keep flying below pre-covid levels. Increase in levels of cycling (inc purchase of fold-ups).

Plenty of talk about heat pumps (inc air con) and a keenness to use these efficiently. Decarbonisation of the grid will be important even if many use green energy suppliers. Downsizing on the agenda; one accomplished and two in process.

Most of us (including young members) are conscious about the power of their investments.

Some of us can and do use our influence at work (ie 22% carbon reduction in 2 years for housing assoc, and responsible for funding green gas). Sample of a 'carbon counter to counter carbon' introduced. Short guide for green retrofitting being produced at end of a project.

Uncertainty as to how to get to zero by 2030 given footprints stubbornly above 2 planets.

The declaration seems to have drawn the family together in concentrating on these existential issues. Progress is not great but the measures that could be taken are being identified and experience being shared. There are many family members who are choosing not to join in and that will be a target for the next 6 months, as well as raising the profile of the web site.