Family Assembly 2020

Dec 27, 2020

11 family members met to compare notes on responses to the climate and ecological emergencies and the pledges made in 2019. This is in the context of a rise in atmospheric carbon from 411 to 414 ppm in a Covid affected year. Nobody has any illusions about the inability to influence the big emitters driving the fossil fuel economy but we are all safer being in tune with the necessary changes as part of the transition (ie 8% reduction of carbon emissions per annum). Those still at work are aiming to be part of the low carbon economy or actively encouraging their employers/firms to be part of the change. Those living off pensions are reminded of the damage that is being done through thoughtless investment and the corollary of the benefits of genuinely 'green' investing. Mark Carney (as Reith Lecturer and former Chair of the Bank of England) is on the case and is adviser to UK Government for COP26.

Generally carbon emissions had come down from less travel and one deep green retrofit; improving the insulation and going electric (heat pump with sophisticated timer). Nature was being helped through planting and financial support. There is a danger that the travel carbon will go up again post Covid.

On the activism front, there was a near arrest (in Canada)but less on XR activity. The joining of interests in the environment and inequality (inc discrimination) might be seen to have added crucial power to the climate movement.

The pledges for 2021 include extending the family network to have more members join, but to also encourage other families to set up assemblies and make declarations. This is a way to use the power of social actions (ie already greater than the individual) to influence systemic action and change.