Climate priorities

Jul 13, 2020

Make My Money Matter is a start up that hopes to create a tsunami of divestment from fossil fuel industry and into the green recovery. Given the extent to which the climate breakdown is being caused by irresponsible business practices (related of course to consumers), if funds are transferred to the green economy there would be a double whammy of stranding the old and turbo charging the new. Children should get on the backs of their parents to get family wealth into constructing a sustainable future for future generations. MMMM is concentrating on pensions but the principle applies to all investments.

And Chris Goodall (subscribe at has done the calculation to show that generating energy from renewables saves more carbon per euro/buck/pound than energy refitting. This might be true, but depends on how energy refitting is carried out. If it is part of a sub-division of a property so that the space being heated and insulated is actually being occupied, then this could double the energy efficiency of a housing stock that is only about half occupied. If a substantial part of the work is carried out by the future occupiers (possibly one existing household and one new) then about 50% of the overall costs could be saved, bringing it on a par with the low carbon energy. But, crucially, it is not one thing or the other but both that is important in the short term; greater energy efficiency and adding renewable energy to the grid. Custom-splitting or cusping be the double whammy in housing supply; creating all the homes we need (and mobility/accesibility) within carbon budgets (ie minimising construction carbon) while increasing energy efficiency. Cusping is most common within families but could be rolled out.