Behaviour change and the three As

Jul 13, 2021

The nature of this web site invites repeated references to the system change versus lifestyle change debate. This is looked at in the think piece at that shows why this is a false dichotomy.

UK Government policy is based on recommendations from the Committee on
Climate Change that is committed to "maintaining current levels of
comfort and standards of living" as it defines them. As it is more than likely that zero carbon lifestyles will be different from those enjoyed in high income countries based on consumption of fossil fuels and lots of stuff, new ideas about what low and then zero carbon looks like are urgently required. The 'greening back better', post or even during covid (that may be with us for the duration) is an opportunity for this reflection.

Since the last post another climate related phenomenon has joined the list of scary events; the heat dome in north west America. The number of global citizens who can feel secure from extreme weather is shrinking. These voters need to work on their elected representatives to take the climate and ecological emergency seriously.

In the meantime the three As can give some some cause for optimism. Actuaries, analysts and algorithms will not hide the fragility of fossil fuel investments but will have to manage the disinvestment so as not to collapse the pensions of their clients. Slowly but surely the financial sector will join in the transition to zero carbon.