A second family assembly

Jan 09, 2020

The second family assembly took place in Norwich as we turned into the

2020s with a clear 10 year horizon in view. This at the time when the

fires are burning in Australia, with its leaders showing continuing

ignorance and denial. Presentations in the recent weeks suggest that

by 2050 much of East Anglia (including Norwich and Cambridge) will be

under water. These messages gave clarity of purpose to the


The Walker/Scharf family span three generations from 70-0, form 4

different households, with potential influence within work, socially,

within faith organisations and politically. The older members of the family might have

more potential influence, but not to underestimate the influence of having babies/children

in the assembly/conversation to concentrate minds.

As a family we agreed to support by signing the declaration and

placing it in a visible position within our respective homes. We also

discussed some immediate considerations and actions.

Looking at becoming single car families

Reducing commuting

Taking public transport more to improve the economics of better

public transport

Discussing measures the local Cathedral (sic) can take

Discussing investment strategies with key funders/philanthropists

within the area

Being more informed on impact of meat, particularly beef

We want this to be positive in terms of improving quality of life and

living and not seen negatively and losing out. Seven children under 10

adds a measure of urgency to these actions and to maintain the quality

of family life.

To this end we are looking forward to using the spaces we have to

improve the biodiversity and provide love, support and encouragement

for the tougher moments.