Family Emergency Declarations are being made in response to the urgent need for action to reduce carbon emissions and to regenerate ecological systems. Such declarations are acted on as well as and not instead of other ways of achieving climate justice.

Please use this site to enable your extended family to cohere around the just transition to a low carbon (global) economy.

There is no time to waste https://newclimate.org/2019/11...


One Planet Living

Oct 23, 2020

One Planet Living is the best three word slogan with the words carrying significance individually and together. It is the latest carnation of Bioregional that started in 1994 and continues to lead in ideas and actions

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Wild back better

Oct 09, 2020

At a time when most if not all governments are obcessing about how to salvage economies struck down by a virus alternatives need to be found to the calls for building back better if building implies high levels of embodied carbon.

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Climate priorities

Jul 13, 2020

Two claims that should be of serious concern to climate families are that investments matter more than any other individual actions and that generatinf low carbn energy is more cost effective than green refitting.

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